Discover how Impetus Automotive can improve the performance and growth of your business.


Seeking projects where we can add value

We actively seek projects where we can demonstrate our value and achieve success. In a commercially driven relationship, we will each share in this success as we drive performance and...

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We off solutions across the globe

Impetus Automotive is an international business with our HQ in the heart of England. We understand vehicle manufactures and dealerships. We work directly with customer facing teams and...

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Expertise in our People

We demonstrate expertise in our people, our solutions and our products. Our unique insight provides value that our customers benefit from and improve performance with.

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Your success is our success - we work in partnership

Your success is our success. We conduct our business in partnership. We are much more than a supplier and likewise, our customers are much more than a transactional process.

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We create productised and tailored solutions for our clients

We have created a series of innovative product solutions that will add value and assist the growth of your business. Whilst our insight and knowledge can be applied universally, the...

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We challenge our clients and the way they work

We are challenging in our understanding of our clients issues and the way in which we offer solutions. We desire continual improvement for ourselves and our clients.

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We actively seek clients and programmes looking for growth

We actively seek clients and projects where the key ingredient is growth; for market share, customer satisfaction, sales and profitability. If you wish to grow your business, work in...

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