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Realising Employee Potential

May 13, 2015
Insight Sheet - Realising Employee and Candidate Potential through Profiling Download our insight sheet on realising employee potential below:

Imagine the impact on your sales and CSI if your Dealer network were operating at full capacity, with motivated, high performance employees.

A high performance culture is driven by the quality of people you recruit, employ and retain. This culture drives the motivation of all staff, reducing turnover and the costs associated with recruitment, whilst maximising sales opportunities, customer service and management performance. Impetus Automotive delivers a high performance culture by combining our deep understanding of dealership roles including best practice behaviour, gained through our consultancy and coaching services, through our expertise at personality profiling.

We use a comprehensive database of high performers’ profiles for all dealer roles. These profiles allow managers to recognise the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours required for each role. This supports the creation of industry leading packages for the recruitment and development of the indvidiual and team’s growth.


To learn more about our employee and candidate profiling, download our product sheet, here:

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