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Impetus Automotive Launch Activity Manager

January 26, 2016
Andy Mills - Director of Consultancy Services Andy Mills - Director of Consultancy Services

Impetus Automotive have revealed their latest software to support Vehicle Manufacturers and their Franchised Networks - A flexible web-based tool that allows the management of “dispersed teams” through their common workflows.

Franchised Networks exist to provide a local geographic solution for Vehicle Manufacturers’ prospective and current customers. This dispersed arrangement of locations creates a challenge for Vehicle Manufacturers as they coordinate multiple individuals with common activities and processes across a market. The new software solution from Impetus Automotive provides a solution to “dispersed” teams with shared workflows, providing real-time management and coordination.

The solution is already implemented across a variety of field and Dealer based roles as Andy Mills, Consultation Services Director, explains: “At its most basic, the tool supports the following: Scheduling a visit or task; performing a visit or task; recording the outcomes and actions; monitoring agreed objectives and recording progress through set activities. However the unique benefit of Activity Manager is its flexibility to deliver a wide interpretation of these tasks. This sees it supporting everything from Coaching and Sales Activity to Used Vehicle Appraisals.”

The tool has been designed to cope with the challenges of working across a typical Franchised Network, working on and off-line to support connectivity issues, whilst providing a simple interface for both computer and mobile technology users. It provides the “field” user with the ability to manage their daily tasks, whilst reducing administration time. Meanwhile the manager is able to control and report on their team’s activities.

Andy is enthusiastic about the tool’s future: “Activity Manager can support almost any workflow that can be broken down into common or structured tasks and outcomes. It can also be quickly deployed in terms of development and training, allowing managers to take advantage of ever more available mobile technology to virtually bring their team closer together.”

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Andy Mills Consultancy Services Director

Andy Mills

Consultancy Services Director

Andy Mills is responsible for developing Impetus' Consultancy Services and IT Solutions
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Activity Manager

Activity Manager

Activity Manager supporting field and franchised network based teams

Managing field and franchised network based teams

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