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Impetus Nominated for Award

January 28, 2015
Toyota's implementation of Impetus Automotive's Accessory Sales Driver Impetus' Accessory Sales Driver in action for Toyota

Toyota’s dealer based accessories selling tool, driven by Impetus Automotive’s web-based accessories tool ‘ASD’, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2015 AM Awards category for: Best Manufacturer Digital initiative.

Toyota’s digital selling tool supports the sales of accessories within a dealership by allowing the sales representative to explore, with a customer, the complete range of accessories available for their specific vehicle. They can then provide the customer with a cost for their chosen accessories alongside an accurate dealer fitment quote. This successful tool has been rolled out across all UK Toyota dealerships and their accessory performance has subsequently increased by an average of 22%, year-on-year.

The tool is based on a tablet computer and can be used directly by the sales representative or, with a change of viewing details, can be handed to the customer to browse whilst other work is completed. The success of the tool is based on breaking down the barriers in communication that traditionally exist between the sales and parts departments and subsequently offering the customer an easy and convenient shopping experience, whilst in the dealership.

Andy Mills, Implementation Services Director for Impetus Automotive explains: “We are very proud of the Toyota Accessory Sales Driver (ASD) tool and for it to be nominated in the AM-Online awards is a testament to the hard work we and Toyota put in to its development and implementation. ASD is a web-based tool that provides an attractive and intuitive user interface to a comprehensive database of Manufacturer and Dealership accessory information. By managing this data in the right way, ASD provides unparalleled access and control, at dealership level, to their vehicles’ accessories offer.

“Meanwhile, alongside providing the customer with a high quality, branded service, the information that ASD collects on the browsing and quote history of customers and dealerships, provides invaluable information to management and forms an integral part of future accessory range development”.

Impetus Automotive maximises the impact of its ASD software by offering Toyota a full accessory solution, which has so far achieved a return on investment of 7:1 (incremental profit / cost of programme). Their Accessory Business Unit delivers a complete accessory solution from range design to campaign management, creating the central “pull” that supports the ASD dealership “push”. They also look to provide continual development of the programme and will soon be introducing a range of new innovations such as an accessories e-commerce website that targets customers and further supports dealer fitment.

ASD Information

ASD Information

Accessory Sales Driver Screen Shots

Accessory Sales Driver

Proactively selling accessories throughout the car’s lifecycle.

Case Study - The Accessory Sales Driver

Accessory Sales Driver

A web based tool to proactively support the selling of accessories throughout the car’s lifecycle.