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Impetus Release a white paper on Accessories Sales Growth

January 10, 2014
Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth: Impetus Automotive's White Paper on Growing the Sales of Accessories

A renewed focus on accessory sales can provide a lucrative opportunity for many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), according to automotive management consultancy Impetus Automotive which has released an informative white paper examining accessory sales strategies.

“With demand for replacement parts decreasing due to ever more reliable vehicles and parts, the sale of accessories including mats, storage or towing equipment presents an as yet under utilised opportunity for OEMs,” explains Andy Mills, Consultancy Services Director, of Impetus Automotive. “Our research points to a market opportunity of some €7.6 billion per annum across the major European markets, and our white paper looks at the possible road blocks on the way to tapping into this potential goldmine – and crucially, how to overcome them.”

Entitled ‘Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth – how can OEMs capitalise on the opportunity?’, the white paper is available for download here. It has been developed in response to growing interest in the accessory market from Impetus Automotive’s OEM customer base. The paper presents accessory sales as a strategic opportunity to improve margins and drive customer brand loyalty across a vehicle’s entire lifecycle, and provides practical advice for implementing a successful sales strategy across the retail, fleet and used markets.

Andy Mills continues: “Thanks to customer focus groups which have tested the theory, we’ve discovered that customers are receptive to well-executed and appropriate accessory offers from OEMs, and that partnering with dealers can further enhance these opportunities. It’s clear that significant growth in this area is within the reach of OEMs, and Impetus Automotive can support them in their sales strategies with a full consultancy, IT and business processing outsourcing service.”

White Paper: Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth

White Paper: Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth

Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth:

Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth

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