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Warranty Symposium

November 12, 2013

In an effort to extend the retention of the customer within the franchise dealer network, Impetus Automotive creates a symposium of Vehicle Manufacturers to discuss the warranty process.

Impetus Automotive believe that the best way to retain the loyalty of customers to a brand and its dealership network is to ensure the customer journey throughout the ownership of their vehicle is exemplary. The consultancy believes that an aspect of this journey which can have a hugely positive impact is the warranty claims process.

To investigate this theory, Impetus Automotive has conducted research of 500 UK drivers who have experienced the warranty process. Some of the initial findings and other questions that will be answered include:

  • 33% of customers do not understand the basic terms of their warranty. What are their expectations once the warranty cover has expired?
  • Warranty affects brand opinion and dealer satisfaction. 62% of people in the study would recommend their dealer following their warranty claim. Showing that if you get it right, you create advocates. What impact does a negative experience have?
  • Fix right first time on warranty claims delivers an 82% satisfaction rate. However 23% of people had to return multiple times. What impact does this have on customer satisfaction?

This research will create the basis of discussion at a symposium, where Impetus Automotive will pull upon its unparalleled network of Vehicle Manufacturers to examine the topic in detail, as David Gorvett, CEO explains: “The influence of warranty experience on customer satisfaction and loyalty is becoming an increasingly important topic amongst our automotive clients. The research we have completed will form the centrepiece for a discussion on best practice across the industry.

“Our objective, for the day, is to understand the customer experience when engaging with the manufacturer directly, via the Customer Relations Centre, or indirectly, through the franchised network. Ascertaining how this could influence the customer’s future intentions and drive loyalty to a brand.”

The Warranty Symposium was held in the Mallory Court hotel, near Leamington Spa on the 28 November 2013.

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