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Optimising Customer Service

July 18, 2018
Solutions - Optimising Customer Service.jpg The Case Study on Optimising the Customer Service Experience can be downloaded

Improving customer satisfaction by addressing the causes of Return To Workshop cases.

The Challenge

Our client commissioned Impetus Automotive to create a programme to drive down the percentage of UK customers Returning To Workshops (RTW) because of incomplete servicing or repair work from 10.5%.

We identified a major cause as variability in Retailer/ Dealer preparation ahead of customer cars arriving for work. For example:

  • Not all issues were recorded
  • Those that were, weren’t always thoroughly diagnosed
  • Customer mobility and timing requirements weren’t always understood

This can easily mean the correct parts, tools or time aren’t available to complete a job, resulting in vehicles being held overnight or rebooked, pressure on courtesy cars and, ultimately, dissatisfied customers.

The Solution

Our quality coaches worked with retailer staff to identify repeat repair causal factors and develop specific action plans. Coaches ensured key information was recorded when vehicles were booked in:

  • Customer contact details, mobility and timing requirements
  • Fault pre-diagnosis conditions, booking pre-repair visits if required

Coaches also ensured a robust preparation process occured before customer cars arrived:

  • Reconfirming requirements with customers
  • Ensuring all parts potentially required are ordered
  • Customers mobility and timing requirements can be met

The Outcome

The result was that over 12 months the Return To Workshop reduced by nearly 60% from 10.5% to 4.5%, which equates to some 28,000 customers avoiding a RTW experience annually and more than a year later it’s remained within a 4.5% to 5.5% window. The solution delivered a 3-way win:

  • Aftersales customer satisfaction research improved significantly
  • Dealers had more capacity to sell from operating more efficiently
  • The client could make more money from additional Parts sales from extra business brought in by Dealers and long term customer loyalty was underpinned


The case study on Optimising Customer Service can be downloaded here:

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