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Improving Customer Satisfaction

July 18, 2018
Solutions - Improving Customer Satisfaction.jpg The case study on Improving Customer Satisfaction can be downloaded

Improving customer satisfaction through re-engaging with the Dealer network.

The Challenge

Our client came to Impetus Automotive following a drop in rankings on their Independent Aftersales Customer Satisfaction scores relative to their competitors. As an industry wide KPI, they needed to improve their overall ranking by re-engaging with the Dealer network.

Impetus Automotive quickly recognised that the Dealer network varied with respect to the processes adopted and the service departments involved. The Process Improvement Coaches identified that satisfaction was decreasing at various points through the service core process, particularly handover at key stages within the Dealership. With a high staff turnover, customers were getting a disjointed and inconsistent service.

The impact of the former process lead to poor customer preparation, lack of control over the experience the customer was getting and an unpredictable service. Ineffective processes lead to more pressure on the business resulting in workshop inefficiencies and repeat repair. In the long term, this results in poor customer retention with the customer defecting to a new brand on their next car purchase.

The Solution

We put a robust coaching programme structure in place across the Dealer network which was also flexible to each Dealer’s needs. It focussed particularly on the employees involved in the customer journey from an operational perspective.

We defined a clear and structured process from booking in to handover and our Coaches worked within Service departments implementing:

  • Team management
  • Performance management
  • One to ones
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Time management
  • Delegation
  • Continuous Improvement

Dealers are encouraged to work with the Coach to perform their own root cause analysis so that the processes put in place remain sustainable.

The Outcome

Our Aftersales Coaching Programme demonstrates our competency in strategy development, programme creation, implementation and operational management.

The team’s work with the client’s Dealerships has delivered the result they were looking for. Following the success of our programme, the client’s factory-lead KPI from their Customer Satisfaction Survey went from a score of 8.8 to 9.6 and reducing their return to workshop scores from 5.8% to 3.2%.


The case study on Improving Customer Satisfaction can be downloaded here:

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