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Parts Pricing Research

May 07, 2015
Case Study - Parts Pricing Research Our case study on Parts Pricing Research is available for download

Ensuring price positioning across global markets is accurate and competitive.

The Challenge

Our client had no formal or regular competitor parts price research for use in benchmarking. They wanted the flexibility to analyse data in difference ways and make source data available to all global markets. Over 2,000 part numbers had to be cross referenced against 5 OEMS and across 19 global markets.

With such a vast selection of parts, so many competitor references and markets and a huge amount of data to process, it was vital that a well-managed project was undertaken to ensure that the research delivery was timely and cost effective.

The Solution

Working closely with our client’s brand team, we defined competitive vehicle data in each market segment. We identified a basket of parts, providing a broad cross section of key cost of ownership, collision and mechanical repair parts.

We ensure that our global network of specialist researchers knew exactly what data they needed to obtain and consequently, we developed graphical reports to benchmark the client’s pricing against the other OEMS in each respective market. With so much data obtained, all research was managed and validated by our Competitor Parts Pricing Portal which holds data for over 100,000 parts prices globally.

The Outcome

Data gathering, collation and analyses is performed at our Head Office in Warwick by the Consultancy team focussing on market insight and intelligence.

As a result of the pricing research and the process set up for future benchmarking, the client has been able to confidently take a number of assumptions and actions including:

  • The monitoring of price movements with complete accuracy
  • Detailed view of their position within each market
  • Observe and develop parts pricing strategies with the provision of reliable data and informed pricing actions
  • More effective communication with their customers
  • Opening up of new potential and sales opportunities


Download the Part Pricing Research case study, here:

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