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Case Study - Network Standards Auditing

June 08, 2018
Solutions - Network Standards Auditing.jpg Our case study on Network Standards Auditing can be downloaded below

Ensuring an excellent customer experience of your brand through your network

The Challenge

Our client wanted to implement standards into their dealerships to improve their network quality in the UK. We were asked to ensure that the dealerships reflected the correct brand image, offered the full range of services, and had the correct expertise and technical equipment on-site.

The Solution

We worked with our client to develop clear criteria for assessing the standards in a language that the Dealers would understand.

We then communicated the strategic objectives of the standards to the Dealer network.

Our auditors and the field force were then trained in the correct interpretation of the new standards to ensure there was a consistent approach used across the business.

The auditing process was implemented and it was tailored to prioritise the requirements of the dealers by looking at:

  • The customer journey
  • Under-performing and specialist dealers
  • Providing well performing dealers with the ability to self-asses their compliance

The Outcome

Impetus Automotive used its consultancy expertise in the strategic development and creation of the programme. Our Business Process Improvement competency was then used to effectively drive the audit programme into ongoing operational management controls.

The overall results of the audit were:

  • The network compliance levels of 85% for sales and 88% for aftersales increased to 93%. Non-compliance reduced by 50%
  • Dealers now fully appreciate and understand the need and benefits of auditing – their buy-in helping to sustain long term positive change
  • Our consistent and in-depth knowledge of the auditing system allows us to provide a comprehensive and relevant coaching programme to further improve results


Our case study on Network Standards Auditing can be downloaded here:

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