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Accessory Sales Driver

May 07, 2015
Case Study - The Accessory Sales Driver Our case study on the Accessory Sales Driver tool can be downloaded

A web based tool to proactively support the selling of accessories throughout the car’s lifecycle.

The Challenge

Our Client wanted to grow accessory sales in their Dealerships. They wanted a robust pricing system that could manage their complete accessories range whilst producing professional customer quotations for fitted accessories. The challenges from the client included:

  • The ability for Vehicle Manufacturers to manage accessory pricing centrally
  • Providing Dealers flexibility to amend fitment times and costs to secure sales
  • Tracking accessory sales
  • Creation of a user friendly accessory catalogue

The Solution We implemented our Accessory Sales Driver. This web-based tool recognises all accessory part numbers, pricing, varying labour rates and fitting times to accurately provide a customer quotation for the fitment of accessories.

The software is then able to provide the customer with professional fitted quotes for accessories and fittings, instantly.

It includes a reporting function that allows the tracking of accessories and customer take up.

The Outcome Sales managers now have the power to report on accessory activity across any Dealerships or regions. This is unique as it combines quotation and sales analysis, presenting Key Performance Indicators in a flexible and customisable way.

It saves time, looks professional, improves customer service and by using the reporting facility you can track what customers enquire about and subsequently enquiry to conversion rates.

Customers’ expectations are exceeded by having an instant, itemised branded quote they can refer to and the Dealer can create showroom vehicle price quotations.

Since implementing Accessory Sales Driver, our client has achieved a 30% increase in revenue within the pilot programme area and is able to provide information to the accessories team to ensure relevant products are on offer.


You can download our case study on the Accessory Sales Driver tool, here: