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Accounting for 50% of the total UK car market, fleet sales are a vital channel in increasing market share and driving up profits. Whilst small inefficiencies in operations and systems can have a magnified impact on performance, small improvements can lead to real commercial gains. At Impetus Automotive, we understand the sector inside out and can provide direction, teams and programmes to deliver increased market share. We concentrate on three key profit drivers:

  • Increasing volume growth
  • Growing the sales mix
  • Improving Dealer network fleet sales

We are able to support delivering these profit drivers through a number of coaching and programme development solutions, which include:

  • Direct Sales Team provision where we develop sales processes, create enhanced team structures and offer strategic direction as to which channels should maintain focus for profit potential
  • Contact management and lead generation activity where we provide programmes and resource to generate sales leads and manage customer contact, delivering increased market share and supporting client annual growth aspirations
Programme Solution

Programme Solution

We have consistently grown our clients' corporate sales, year on year

Fleet Sales Development

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Case Study

Case Study

Fleet Vehicles Case Study - Direct Sales Team

Direct Sales Team

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Case Study

Case Study

Case Study - Contact Management and Lead Generation

Contact Management and Lead Generation

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Mark Bennett, Head of Vehicle Sales and Network Development

Mark Bennett

Head of Vehicle Sales

Mark has extensive experience within Retail and Fleet Car sales
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