Managing Sustainable Change

Network Development uses standards to drive change and improvement through Dealership networks. Its aim is to continually develop quality in terms of customer experience, whilst driving efficiencies within the client’s franchised businesses.

Impetus Automotive achieves this by: assessing the need against the client’s objectives; supporting the development of the standard; implementing the standard, through the use of workshops and auditors; before using coaches to deliver improvement.

Ultimately, we target three profit drivers:

  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Maximising Opportunities
  • Continuous Improvement in Network Quality
Programme Solution

Programme Solution

Solutions Description for our Standards and Auditing service

Managing Network Standards

Managing sustainable change through auditing and coaching Read more >

Case Study

Case Study

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Case Study - Network Standards Auditing

Ensuring an excellent customer experience of your brand through your network Read more >

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Head of Service and Warranty

Keith Vipond

Head of Service, Warranty and Audit

Keith is a qualified Management Accountant with over 20 years automotive experience in Contract Hire & Leasing and Franchised Dealer Management.
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