Developing a High Performance Culture

A retail network’s success is driven by the quality of the people within the dealerships. Unfortunately the average franchised network has a staff turnover rate of 45%. Aside from a direct impact on retaining talent and staff motivation, this also has cost impacts on the business in terms of recruitment and downtime.

Impetus Automotive deliver the majority of our programmes at a network level and so understand the roles, culture and structure required to run a successful dealership. We can support your franchised networks to develop motivated workforces that deliver results, by helping your managers develop the following areas:

  1. Career development to meet your needs and provide job challenge and motivation to your people
  2. Identifying and developing appropriate management and leadership attributes
  3. Recruiting the right people for the right role

We do this by helping your dealerships implement a high performance culture by employing some or all of the following tools:

  • Salary Study – either within your network or syndicated across multiple networks
  • High Performance Profiling – understanding and developing the roles you need before interviewing your high performers and interrogating our comprehensive database of role profiles to understand what good looks like
  • High Performance Assessment – profiling your workforce and identifying development opportunities, against any completed role profiling
  • Recruitment Solutions – role design, candidate profiling and interview support for your managers
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Programme Solution

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