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Service processes are a key profit driver for Manufacturers and Dealers and are critical in maintaining customer loyalty. A lot rests on the service “experience”, especially when you consider that research highlights aftersales satisfaction as the single most important factor in determining whether or not customers will repurchase a vehicle from the same Dealer and / or brand. Aftersales customers are looking for convenience, trust and value. Dealer networks need to deliver high on trust (expertise) and convenience (flexibility) so that value becomes a relative measure against “cheaper” alternatives. This is where Impetus excels, namely in committing to:

  • Optimising the customer service experience
  • Ensuring service price strategy is sufficiently informed
  • Increasing customer retention

Through a number of programmes and initiatives, Impetus Automotive are able to actively affect these three key profit drivers. Some of our approaches and programmes include:

  • Driving first time fix solutions by providing robust Dealer processes. These focus on the 48 hour preparation period, prior to vehicle receipt, driving down repeat repair figures as a direct consequence
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by putting the customer at the forefront of Dealer processes and ensuring a seamless customer journey from booking in to handover
  • Re-engaging and retaining customers in the Dealer network via targeted marketing campaigns and process management
Programme Solutions

Programme Solutions

Our product sheet for information on Improving Customer Service

Insight, Pricing Research and Network Development

Turning understanding into outstanding customer service Read more >

Programme Solution

Programme Solution

Programme Solution

Programme Solution

Warranty Programme Services Product Sheet

Warranty Programme Services

Ensuring your warranty process improves your customers’ brand opinion, cost effectively. © Read more >

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Head of Service and Warranty

Keith Vipond

Head of Service, Warranty and Audit

Keith is a qualified Management Accountant with over 20 years automotive experience in Contract Hire & Leasing and Franchised Dealer Management.
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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Improving Customer Retention

Re-engaging customers through a communications strategy supported with Dealer education.

Solutions - Improving Customer Satisfaction.jpg

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction through re-engaging with the Dealer network.

Solutions - Optimising Customer Service.jpg

Optimising Customer Service

Improving customer satisfaction by addressing the causes of Return To Workshop cases.