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Accessories present a valuable opportunity to Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealerships as they represent a genuine growth potential across both Sales and Aftersales Divisions. In Sales, accessories can represent the customer with the chance to personalise their purchase in both new and used cars. Within Aftersales, accessories can drive revenue generation and customer satisfaction, whilst ever more reliable cars and parts reduce the opportunity for revenue across traditional avenues such as service and maintenance.

Impetus Automotive can support your Accessories offer through delivering against three profit drivers:

  • Growing the sales of Accessories
  • Ensuring the competitiveness of both range and prices
  • Improving customer retention

We work with our clients through three core services which can be used individually or in conjunction:

  • A “drains-up” analysis of the your accessory offer to ascertain any weaknesses and strengths in range and price
  • Implementation of Accessory Sales Driver - a web-based tool to support your dealers and customers in understanding the accessories available to them and the costs involved for both purchase and fitting
  • Development of an Accessory Business Unit to provide a dedicated focus to your accessory strategy at a local market level


For more information about specific elements of our accessories offer, see below:

Programme Solution

Programme Solution

Our Accessories Business Unit Product Sheet

Maximising Accessories Business Revenue

Maximise your Accessory Revenue through our performance based solution Read more >

IT Solution

IT Solution

Accessory Sales Driver Screen Shots

Accessory Sales Driver

Proactively selling accessories throughout the car’s lifecycle. Read more >

IT Solution

IT Solution

Accessory Sales Store Screen Shots

Accessory Store

Proactively taking your accessories offer direct to your customers Read more >

White Paper: Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth

White Paper: Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth

Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth:

Accelerating Accessory Sales Growth

How OEMs can capitalise on the opportunity presented by Accessories. Read more >

Programme Solution

Programme Solution

Telesales Product Information


Increase your parts & accessory sales with our SMART solution. Read more >

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Mark Nash, Senior Business Development Manager

Mark Nash

Head of Accessories

Mark has substantial experience across Automotive aftermarket, dealer supply and Vehicle Manufacturer roles.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study - the Accessories Business Unit

Accessory Business Unit

Strategic management of a client’s Accessories business, demonstrates strong ROI

Case Study - The Accessory Sales Driver

Accessory Sales Driver

A web based tool to proactively support the selling of accessories throughout the car’s lifecycle.