Comprehensively supporting Audit teams


Audit Management System is designed specifically to support the day to day operational activity of Audit teams. Using our purpose built mobile application and website, your teams will be able to easily schedule visits, track and monitor visit actions, KPIs and outcomes, as well as viewing, easy to digest tailored reports.

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Activity Manager (Audit)

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  • Features and Benefits
  • Technical Specifications
Features and Benefits

Simplified Audit Planning and Scheduling:

A drag and drop calendar interface allows quick audit scheduling. Audit Managers can efficiently and effectively control audit schedules and allocate resources. Retailers and auditors receive a notification to inform them about the upcoming audit and the appointment appears in their calendars.

Intuitive Offline Mobile Audit Application:

Easy to use application which allows Auditors to execute the audit by capturing their observations, create actions plans for non-compliances and collect evidence. All audit supporting documents can be stored within the application to be available at any time. Once online the application syncs the audit results with the management dashboard.

Automatic Audit Report Creation:

The final audit report is created automatically in appropriate company CI ready for digital signature.

Closure of Non-Compliances:

Follow-on actions including evidence can be submitted for approval via the website to ensure issues raised during the audit are tracked to closure. A full audit trail is maintained so that users can see the complete approval history.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting:

Real time data reporting capabilities include a dashboard, drill-down, and bespoke KPIs’ features. The dashboard can be used to track audit observations by category, checklist criteria, standard, and so forth. The dashboard is fully customizable at the point of system configuration.

Field Team Involvement:

The system can be used by the field team to log non-compliances outside of the normal audit cycle.


Watch our Audit Management System below:



Audit Management System

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Comprehensively supporting Audit teams and their daily activities

Download our AMS Product Sheet
Technical Specifications

Our Audit Management System website is mobile responsive and runs on multiple browsers, on both PCs and mobile devices. Our Application was built specifically for use on mobile devices, however this is also available to be downloaded from the windows store and used on laptops and computers with windows 8.1 onwards.

Compatible Browsers: 

  • IE11 
  • Edge 
  • Chrome*
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Compatible Mobile systems: 

  • Windows devices 8.1 onwards (Tablets, Surface, Laptop, PCs)*
  • iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) 
  • Android devices (Phones, Tablets)


*Recommended for best performance

Audit Management System

Audit Management System Short Banner

Comprehensively supporting Audit teams and their daily activities

Download our AMS Product Sheet

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