Managing the performance and standards of a Franchised Network is an ongoing challenge due to the Geographical dispersion of Dealers and the growing complexities of the Sales and Aftersales channels. Committed to working only with vehicle manufacturers, Impetus Automotive creates products that deliver whilst taking into account the complexities of multiple businesses operating different systems within different cultures.

Our product solutions add value and grow business, delivering against the following profit drivers:

  • Improve Transparency of Performance
  • Reducing Administration and Costs
  • Improving Communications across network stakeholders

We offer a suite of robust products that are innovative and flexible to each customers’ requirements. Some of which are shown below:

Accessory Sales Driver

Accessory Sales Driver is an online tool that enables your Franchised Network's sales teams to easily and proactively sell Accessories. Meanwhile, it will furnish you with an understanding of customer interest in accessories, whilst allowing you to rapidly roll-out new accessories and offers to the market.

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Accessory Store

This is an online e-commerce tool that allows you to directly sell Accessories to your customers whilst encouraging them to visit your Franchised Network. By implementing it alongside Accessory Sales Driver, you will develop an unprecedented understanding of the Accessories Market, whilst driving revenue growth.

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Network Stock Manager Tool

The online tool is designed to support the stock planning and fulfillment process, for parts and accessories, within your Franchised Networks.

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Parts Sales Driver

Parts Sales Driver is a suite of web-based tools that, combined, give you complete transparency of your Parts business channel. The suite includes:

  • Sales Reporting
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Marketing Repository
  • Activity Manager
  • Opportunity Modelling
  • Survey Tools
  • Audit Tools
  • Online Training

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Trade Sales Reporting

Impetus Automotive's trade sales reporting tool has been designed to aggregate data, from multiple Dealer Management Systems, into one reporting suite. It is currently, successfully, aggregating data from 20 Dealer Management Systems in over 250 Network Franchises, globally.

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Activity Manager

Activity Manager is a Web and Application based tool that is designed to support the operational activity of teams that are based in the field or are dispersed across a Franchised Network. This highly flexible product can be adapted to suit any activity from coaching and sales, through to vehicle appraisals giving individuals control of their daily schedule and managers an understanding of their team's performance.

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Audit Management System

Audit Management System is a Web and Application based tool that is designed to support the operational activity of franchised network audit teams. This highly flexible product supports the auditor's journey from scheduling the audit, through to developing the action plan and driving remedy resolution. It allows the individual to control their daily schedules and provides the management the opportunity in understanding their network's compliance.

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