Ensuring your data is relevant, concise and accurate

Impetus Automotive are experienced at handling data, be it our own extensive research datasets, our clients’ product and market data or third part assets. The nature of our business and experience enables us to employ individuals who are skilled at entering, handling and manipulating data quickly and accurately at all data complexity levels.

We offer this skill-set to clients to help them manage their data requirements. Whether it is a low-level data-cleanse of customers or a complex mending or merging of databases, we can offer an outsource solution.

Insight Solution

Insight Solution

Support Services for Data Administration

Complex and Administrative Data Services

Ensuring your data is relevant, concise, accurate and most of all, useful Read more >

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Tom Heslop Insight Manager

Tom Heslop

Head of Insight

Tom is an experienced Analyst and manages our Research and Analytics team

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