Insight and Engagement

Understanding your customers’ needs and your competitors’ actions within the market is fundamental for the strategic development of your business. Our experienced analysts and researchers deliver unique insight and knowledge on customers, networks and markets.

We successfully deliver Insight and Engagement by focusing on these key areas:

Competitor Benchmarking

Impetus Automotive’s benchmarking services are designed to give our clients insight by providing information that demonstrates the impact of their strategies compared to those of their identified competitors. This includes:

  •          Parts & accessories
  •          Warranty, extended warranty & service plans
  •          Service, repair and maintenance
Market Analysis

Impetus Automotive have extensive experience of understanding business opportunities within automotive markets. We use this to support a range of research activities in support of our client’s business strategy development needs. A key study is market sizing activity which provides clients with insight on a range of variables.

Market Analysis examples:

  •          Customer Insight & Journey
  •          Customer Service Levels
  •          Market Opportunity Modelling
Network Development

Our Insight and Engagement function’s Network Development solution exists to help you identify the gaps which exist between your strategy and the reality of how your Franchised Networks’ are meeting your customers’ needs.

Network Development includes:

  •          Adherence to OEM direction
  •          B2B and B2C mystery shopping
Data Management

Impetus Automotive employ individuals who are skilled at entering, handling and manipulating data quickly and accurately at all data complexity levels. We offer this skill-set to clients to help them manage their data requirements, whether it is a low-level data-cleanse of customers or a complex mending or merging of databases, we can offer an outsource solution.

Our data entry and manipulation techniques are further supported by experienced analysts skilled at data validation.

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Tom Heslop Insight Manager

Tom Heslop

Head of Insight

Tom is an experienced Analyst and manages our Research and Analytics team

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study - Marketing sizing and opportunity analysis

Market Sizing and Opportunity Analysis

Supporting the development of a defined parts strategy and appropriate budget.

Case Study - Parts Pricing Research

Parts Pricing Research

Ensuring price positioning across global markets is accurate and competitive.