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Impetus Automotive is a business powered by the expertise, enthusiasm and attitude of its people. When we work with our clients we intend to ensure you realise our resource’s full potential, however you work with us.

We provide our clients with access to individuals and teams in a number of ways:

  • Access to Impetus Automotive staff on a direct consultancy or programme basis
  • Contracted individuals supporting your requirements within your premises or in the field
  • Recruiting an individual or team directly to your headcount

We recognise that when implementing resources, it is important to find quality personnel quickly. To achieve this we came up with a unique approach to recruitment for the Automotive Industry… Impetus Futures.

Impetus Futures is a managed pool of talent, from which we can draw to quickly respond to clients' needs. It consists of high calibre individuals who have come to us demonstrating an interest in accessing a new challenge. These individuals would not normally be available on the open market, but have registered their details so that their profile can be quickly matched to your opportunities.


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Sarah Langford

Resourcing Manager

Sarah manages our recruitment and resourcing requirements.
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