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Myles Pilkington

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Myles Pilkington

Client Solutions Manager


Myles joined Impetus Automotive in 2013 after working for several years with one of the World’s largest recycling companies as Group Marketing Manager. He has over 20 years of experience in delivering successful strategies for rapidly evolving business areas. His background in engineering, combined with an extensive B2B Marketing experience gives him a combination of creative and process driven reasoning which allows him to quickly understand business challenges and resolutions. Within Impetus Automotive his role is to support clients in responding to significant changes in the automotive industry wrought by the convergence of technological advances, such as connected vehicles and new powertrains, and cultural changes, from increased urbanisation to changing ownership models.


  • Solution / Service development and implementation
  • Bid development and management.
  • Branding identity.
  • Corporate rebrands through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Corporate restructuring and business design.
  • Developing marketing functions.
  • Systems roll out.