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We are committed to the care of the environment and minimising the use of finite resources. All of our employees are supporting our aim to reduce energy consumption, promote recycling, reduce harmful emissions, prevent pollution and work with our partners and suppliers who themselves have sound environmental policies.

We hold BS EN ISO 14001:2015 certification: the International Environmental Management System and our principal objective is to achieve and maintain carbon neutrality of business operations.

Business Management System Policies

International management system certification is retained for quality, (ISO9001:2015 and Ford Q1), and environment, (ISO14001:2015). These standards are addressed as part of an integrated ‘Business Management System’ supporting company policies, and certification requirements. Quality and environmental management system functions share generic operating practices and mandatory procedures prescribed by the international standards.





The Business Management System covers the following scope of certification, applicable to quality and environmental activities:

  • Research and development of a proposal/initiative to respond to a client briefing or to address an identified market need
  • Development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of a proposal as a 'pilot' exercise to meet the client’s briefing requirements
  • Implementation management and reporting of the client’s programme on behalf of the client, in accordance with the client’s instructions
  • Development and delivery of bespoke training materials and seminars to satisfy the client’s briefing requirements
  • Delivery of training using the client’s developed materials and instructions


Our Vision, Mission and Values define our purpose & modus operandi; targets for process, financial and environmental performance define how success is measured.

Our aims include developing a ‘green agenda’ for business through:

  • Awareness of environmental aspects in relation to company activities, identifying impacts, controls and responsibilities
  • Ensuring staff and contractors recognise how their actions may affect the environment, even where the company does not have managing responsibility of personnel working under client control
  • Reducing energy consumption, promoting recycling, minimising emissions and preventing pollution through improvement programmes
  • Stabilising carbon output comparable to the continued expansion of company operations

Policies and performance is regularly communicated to employees and to interested parties on request.

Further Certification

In support of our Business Management Systems, Impetus Automotive also seeks to maintain other relevant standards that contribute to our stance on sustainable practice. The Chartered Institute of Purchasers and Suppliers’ Sustainability Index is a cross-industry standard that demonstrates a business’ sustainability against three core indexes: economic, environment and social.



Gender Pay Gap Report

The information reported below is based upon a snapshot date of 5th April 2017.

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing similar roles at Impetus Automotive Limited. However, the greater proportion of men than women in senior roles creates a gender pay gap. Our headcount is male orientated in common with many other businesses in the automotive sector.


Our gender pay gap results are set out below:

  Mean (Average) Median (Middle)
Gender Pay Gap (Hourly rate)            15.1%  13.6%
Gender Bonus Gap 40.1%  6.3%


  Male Female
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay 19.5%                                15.8%                                


Employees by Pay Quartile:

   Male Female
Upper Quartile                 78.7%        21.3%       
Upper Middle Quartile 81.1% 18.9%
Lower Middle Quartile 66.3% 33.7%
Lower Quartile 55.3% 44.7%


I confirm that the data reported is accurate.

Anne Goodwin
Head of Finance

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